May 12, 2014
by AK Illustrate

Links and Merchandise pages have now been merged. Patreon link has been added.

Link Out section reserved for buttons to other webcomics.

Link In section reserved for when I make my own buttons.

Tumblr Mirror created for safe keeping:

September 3. 2012
by AK Illustrate

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates!

At the moment I am trying to get back into the school groove, so I haven't been able to draft my pages lately. Not to mention I've been stuck on one plot point, and it's been slowing me down. Once I've got that all settled I'll get back to updating as soon as possible!

I'm really sorry about the hold up! Thank you for understanding!

July 31. 2012:
by AK Illustrate

Due to up coming school things. Updates may have to be put on hold for a while.

School comes first, and I am way behind on my summer homework list.

Thanks for reading!

Work in Progress
by AK Illustrate

Hello! This comic is currently a work in progress. I've got somethings planned out, but it will be a bit before I can set out a good schedule for myself.

Hope you understand! Thank you for your patience.