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Age: 87

Species: Kitsune

Kuzu is a young Kitsune who seems to have a knack for getting into trouble. He is very curious and is always asking questions, and if those questions cannot be answered, he seeks the answers out himself. This curiousity is what gets the best of him, and is why he is constanly getting into trouble with the Myobu guard.

Despite his impatience and tendancy to leap before looking, Kuzu is generally a good kid at heart, and is willing to take responsibility for his actions. It is unfortunate that this is usually overshadowed by his tendancy to cause problems.







Age: 292

Species: Kitsune

Being a part of the Myobu guard, Satoshi has made a name for himself as one of the stricter males in the force. It's not that he enjoys being mean, or because he hates everyone. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Satoshi cares deeply about his people, and will do anything he can to keep them safe.







Age: ???

Species: Kitsune/God

Inari is the ruler of Myobu city, as well as a goddess to the human world. She's very level headed, and a tad playful. She very rarely shows signs of stress, even during hard times, in order to keep her people from worrying about her.











Age: around 400 to 500 years

Species: Nogitsune (corrupted kitsune)

Tamamo was once Inari's most loyal servant, however, interaction with the humans made her cruel, and after killing a human emperor, she was imprisoned in a magic stone that causes non-magical creatures to fall ill from her malice.












Age: 5

Species: Human

A young and curious child. She frequently helps her father in the rice fields, and loves to explore the areas around her home.
Her father always tells her to be careful, and she tries her best to follow his advice.







Age: 78

Species: Kitsune

Yuki is a strange young kitsune who always seems to have something on her mind. The hito-dama seem to really like her, and no one is certain why. She's usually carrying an umbrella with her, due to the sun hurting her skin, and is terribly shy around people.







Mr. and Mrs. Nakase

Age: Somewhere around 800 and 700

Species: Kitsune

This old couple is Kuzu's guardians. They've tried their best to raise him to be a good kid, but sometimes they feel they have failed due to his tendancy to get into trouble.

Mr. Nakase is a retired Myobu guard, and frequently is seen wearing his guard bib proudly. Mrs. Nakase was the merchant girl he once flirted with. They've been happily married for quite a few centuries.