Living in the lands of Nippon are the mysterious Kitsune. The mythological foxes are neither good nor evil, following their own values as individuals. In the Spirit World city of Myobu, under the rule of the goddess Inari, Kitsune share a common ideal and culture, fighting for justice and living in harmony. However, when that ideal is questioned, will this harmonic rule stay stable? Or will it throw the kitsune race into chaos?

Only time will tell.


Important Author Note:

This story takes place in  a sort of "fictional Japan" and will be based primarily on certain aspects of Japanese Mythology and Culture. Because of the nature of these kinds of stories, I will do my best to be as respectful as possible of the cultures in question. If there is anything in the comic that bothers you, or you feel is harmful to the Japanese culture and people in anyway, please let me know. I wish for this story to be a fun experience for everyone!

Thank you, and may your spirit stay strong!